Repetitive false new users.

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i am the administrator of and i must inform you that recently an important number of new users registrations were done on many different sites by the same people. The used method seem to be from an internet robot coded for registrating on all sites. For security reasons and to spare our customers accesses to their site from unscrupulous people, i propose to all our actual customers to install for them a "Captcha" on their registration page for new users.

All new accounts that will be created in the future on will have the "Captcha" installed by default for new user registration. If you wish to have a "Captcha" installed on your actual, already in function, account please let me know with a reply on this forum.

Thank you,


P.S. A Captcha is a little picture containing inside readable graphic characters and the user must copy them to a text box for validating that he is really a humain beeing.