Welcome all new users

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You will find that it is quite easy to create and manage your own Free website here on FreeCms.ca, mostly if you are already familiar with Drupal.

We are open to any suggestions, so feel free to post yours here!

error creating account

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for providing this service. Unfortunately when I submitted my account details an error appeared and the system reported error creating database entry for user ipolit or something similar. Tomorrow I will make a new try, I hope the name will be free or the account will be created later.
Thank you.

Thank you for reporting this error!

After verification i have noticed that the cPanel Theme for FreeCms.ca account have been replaced with one not allowing our automatic account creation script to work properly.

This is due by the fact that we have moved many accounts over a more powerfull server that we are the owner and the cPanel script for moving accounts did not kept the theme from the previous server.

The situation have been corrected and i have restarted your account creation process that had completed correctly. You should have already received your welcome eMail...

Thank you again for having taken the time to report this situation to me.


Our contribution to FreeCms

To all of you who are using FreeCms for free, I just ask you to do something to thank the adminstrator who takes care of us, by giving us free web hosting, Drupal with some tools to well manage your website.
Just a few clics on the ads on top of our pages and we have given a lot to the administrator, because it's the only way he can get some money to pay for his time.

So guys, next time you visit your web page don't forget to make some clics to thank someone who offers you this wonderful tool to create freely your site.

Thanks to all of you


thanks "freecms"

Hi there,

Just wanted to thank you for this really cool website allowing free hosting for drupal sites. I'm a drupal fan. I was just wondering how we can get a theme that we've created onto this website. I'm trying to design a theme for my drupal site and hopefully upload it and have it used for my website. Or is this not allowed?

Anyways, thanks again and hope you guys have a good day.


Self designed theme...

Hello Alfred,

first i would like to welcome you on our server.

About self designed themes :

All the available themes that we already have, have been inspected and edited to suit our needs and security. So if you really want to have your own theme, it would be possible if you send us the files so we can inspect them and edit them to be usable with our free accounts application.

If you agree to this and the theme is usable, it would be installed and made available only for you or any new accounts if you agree to make it available to others.


Rejean, FreeCms.ca administrator.

currently learning

Hi there Rejean,

I'm currently learning how to design a drupal theme in the hopes of compiling the necessary files that you would want in order to setup my theme. However this may take some time. Thank you very much for replying and will keep in touch.



Theme designing...

Hello Alfred,

I would then recommend that you select a free theme closest of what you want to have and just editing it to achieve your first own theme.

You also have to take care to have the proper design techniques and functions calls for the proper version of Drupal you will be using.

Unfortunately, it would be quite difficult for a free Drupal hosting enterprise like ours to constantly upgrade to the latest version of Drupal because of our actual modules and themes versions compatibility.

Then i suggest that if you want your theme to be compatible with our system you should design your theme for Drupal Version 5

The only problem, when designing your theme, would be the impossibility to constantly upload your theme here for testing, we do not allow this for security reasons.


P.S. If one of our already existing theme is quite suitable for you and only light changes would be needed, i could do them for you...

sounds good

Hi Rejean,

this sounds awesome, will definitely analyze the current themes available so i can suggest certain modificiations to the most appropriate one of the all.

Much appreciated,